July 28, 2012

Sketchbook Stories, 10

Sorry people, I didn't go to the zoo today because of a "variety of circumstances" :)  So, to make up for that, here are some pages from my sketchbook.  Slowly but surely it's getting there.  I have to really be into what I'm drawing, and I'll automatically actually finish a drawing.  Still lots of unfinished scribbles in here, but I'm happy with the ones that are not.  And some extra hands.  This time without reference (except for my own hands, haha).  Last is one of the pages I got out of "Toons on Tap": a costumed life drawing session in Toronto.  It was interesting, but the commute is a little much for me to do it frequently.  Without any further ado, here are the pages.

Oh, and "Art of..." books are definitely a great source of inspiration!

 ^ Credit to my roommate, Chris, for Quagsire and Scrafty on the bottom there :P


  1. Oo doodles. I always love doodles and doodling. Sadly my bed room lately hasn't made me feel much for doodling but I have doodled a bit. Too many things to do lately I guess.

    My favorite time to doodle though, is times when I have to be in a boring situation like waiting for something. Providing I'm not waiting in line to use the bathroom. ;)

    Great set of doodles though. :)
    Got to love those made up creatures you have there.

    1. Haha, thanks I'm glad you like my scribbling!

      And yes, waiting or being somewhere is a perfect time to bring out the sketchbook!