September 20, 2015

The Mix

Some of the things I had piled up from the last week or so.

And some more raccoon drawings from real physical sketchbook pages!

September 16, 2015


Fan art!  I found Obi-Wan Kenobi's character to be well portrayed throughout the six Star Wars movies.  I couldn't resist doing a lightsaber pose for him, as there can never be enough of those.

September 11, 2015

I Like Stripes

I've been rather busy lately, but here are a bunch of raccoon drawings.

And I've officially watched all six Star Wars movies!  I'm prepared for December now.  Fan art to possibly follow :)

September 03, 2015


Technically not a compilation, as I drew them all on one page :)

September 01, 2015

More Compilations

Yes, I've compiled more stuff!  But here's a separate piece that I did a couple of weeks ago:

And some compiled random sketches from being out and about:

And then I realized I needed to study more expressions, so I did a whole bunch of expression studies.  I put them all on one page, so it's harder to see how off-model all of them are: