July 30, 2015


Yup, I'm going to throw a whole bunch of faces into this post today (again).  They are mainly drawings that I tried to do for Susan from the Pevensie kids.  Other than that, there's some Mr. Tumnus concepts in there.

I'm currently doing a decent amount of drapery studying as that was kind of necessary.  Adding folds is such a nice way of designing clothing, yet I always keeping my clothing straight and foldless.  Mainly because I'm not familiar with how to draw that.  High time to change that, so here's a drapery practice sketchbook page and some hands.

July 14, 2015

Back to Narnia

I’ve noticed a bunch of artist doing designs based on well-known stories, so I figured I’d give it a go as well.  Not surprisingly, I went with Narnia.  I had a lot of fun, so I’m definitely continuing with it!  I did a whole bunch of Edmund drawings.  Don’t know why, but he was fun character to start with.  Other than that, a few beginning designs on the other Pevensies, Professor Kirk and Mrs. Macready.

And of course, another page of doodles.

July 07, 2015

Mainly Beavers, I Think

A whole bunch of everything, again :)  I tried working in some different styles for these ones, which turned out to be more fun than I thought.  So yah, uhm, more sketcbhook drawings!