December 17, 2011

Semester 1 Final Assignment... Dump!

Yes, I 'm going to post an assignment dump!  Never thought I would do that, but I didn't want to divide them all up.  Here is my work from the past couple of weeks for which I haven't had the chance to upload yet.  Schoolwork kept me busy, and I've pulled four all-nighters in a row this past week (with 3-5 hour naps during the day).  Not the best idea, but I didn't want to submit so-so work.  My dad came by last Sunday to bring me food (CANDY!!!) and wish me good luck for my final week this semester.  Love you mom and dad!  Here's the assignments you guys!

My artist research profile character for character design class (wow, that's a mouth-full).  The artist I choose was Eric Goldberg, and I had fun coming up with a character in his style.  The design of this guy was mainly based on the Genie in Aladdin :)
This is my demo-reel for digital tools class.  I haven't really posted any work related to that class, but this video includes a nice amount of work we did in that class over the semester.

Here's my horizontal pan for layout!  I really wasn't quite sure how to tackle this project.  Especially since I had to pretty much do the entire thing the night before still (aside from the brainstorming process).  I like how it turned out, but if I had done it traditionally instead of digitally, I would have been able to add more detail and objects like I originally planned.  Drawing with a tablet is just... different: it takes longer to get the line you want.  Oh well, here you go:

These are my layout portfolio pieces.  I really wanted to submit more, but this is all I had (time for).  I don't like the ones I did early semester as much as the later ones, but hey, that's a good thing :)  I used two painting-layouts as well, just so I had a few more images to submit.

And finally, here's my ball and tail assignment.  This thing took up a lot of time, so I'm happy I started this one quite early :)  After seeing many other people's, I noticed that I should have kept the tail moving even after it finished its curve over the ball and hitting the ground.  Good to know for the next tail I'll have to animate :)  I don't have much else to say about this one, so I hope you like it :)

December 15, 2011

I'm Learning How to Paint!

My final painting assignment for first semester...  Mood landscapes!

I knew that if I wanted to do a good job on this assignment, I had to be painting something I wouldn't quickly loose interest in (and I also didn't want to paint trees).  Sooo, I sat on my bed and flipped through the Kung Fu Panda and How to Train Your Dragon artbooks.  Both (mainly Panda) inspired me to come up with a whole bunch of thumbnails based on their art-styles.  Here's my entire process work for the project, including th final two paintings:
A HUGE thank you to the following people for helping me through the painting process (and the countless amount of fun, late hours spent in the painting room):

Tim Melnyk taught me some amazingly awesome things on how to make my painting better!  Without him, the paintings would not have looked the way they do now.

And there's so many more people who gave me helpful tips and advice:
Alison Chan, Bryce Jones, Jason Lum, Jean Liang, Khoebe MagSaysay, Richy Truong, Johnathan Chan and Doug Tam.
There were plenty more people walking around who helped me as well: I haven't forgotten you: thanks!

Not to forget: my roommies also helped me through the frustating moments of coming up with good thumbnails :P

December 09, 2011

Bones Bones Bones... and Soup


What are they?  Yeah... I tried to answer that in this project.  Not sure if I succeeded, but at least I know what suppination is.  I really wish I could have included more text and that I could have planned out my page design a bit more, but I simply ran out of time.  Oh well.  I'm happy with the drawings I did.  Plus, I acquired knowledge on how to draw a pelvis (better than I used to be able to).  Man, I have no clue what to write in this post: just look at the images and...  uuh...  Yeah, whatever.