February 23, 2013

Up is Down

More animation, whoopeeeee!!!

So I had to use a piece of dialogue from a film, show, or whatever and animate a character to it.  I ultimately went with a clip from Pirates of the Caribbean 3: At World's End.  The animation took quite a while!  Basically for the past week whenever I had an hour to spare in which I wasn't sleeping, eating or in class, I managed to borrow someone's Cintiq pen and find a tablet to work on.  This was my first time animating in Toon Boom, which was interesting too.

Our acting teacher helped me to pick this voice-clip, because it was more subtle than the other clips I picked.  It was very hard to do subtle animation: especially since I still wanted the character to move around.  I'm still not totally satisfied with all the (non)subtle things, but I like it overall.  By the way, check out our acting teacher's blog over here.  I LOVE his lessons!

February 11, 2013

I'm Not Painting a Forest!

I painted a forest.

My 100th blog post, whooo!  Painting digitally is fun, but it's sooo easy to get caught up on details.  So yeah, this painting was our first one for second semester.  I did lots of little thumbnails, because I wanted to tell a little story with the painting as opposed to only doing an exterior landscape.  Whether or not the story is successful, I'm happy with the way it looks.  Gotta say a quick Thank You to Margaret for giving some helpful tips while I was working on this.  Her last name also happens to be an anagram of my first name!

I reaaally tried hard doing a different colour scheme for this painting, as I usually do a lot of blue stuff.  I tried that once last semester too, but it failed quite miserably, haha!  Anyway, Here's the final painting followed by a whole bunch of process work!