November 23, 2013

Blue Things

Sheridan revealed it's new logo recently.  Yay!  ... Nah, I'm not a huge fan of it. I would much rather see them stick with the original tangram.

Anyway, for our elective course we had to work with that new logo design and turn it into something... special. Anything really. So I drew it made up of animals. Big 'Thank You' to Patricia for staying up and helping me judging the appeal in the poses till 4 am sometime last week :)

And then here a fun little walk we did for our 2D course.  Cut-out animation, like 3D animation, allows you to work with a graph editor, which is awesome!  I didn't create the character. The teacher gave us the rig. 

November 10, 2013

Happy Pigs!

We went to the Royal Winter Fair again last week aaand... we drew the animals.  Surprise!

I wasn't able to stay super long like previous years, as I had to go back to school to get more work done.  I got a good amount of gestures and one longer drawing done in the time I was at the fair though.  So yeah, here is a compilation of most of those gestures and one adorable pig that kept on stretching!

November 02, 2013

Third Year and Its Life Drawing

Life drawing just keeps going!  Although I can't make it to extra life as many times as in first and second year, I still try.  Group film and action analysis are just taking up a lot of time, although it's fun working on them.  Anyway, here are the drawings I submitted for my life drawing portfolio before reading week.  There might be a few extra ones and there are a few I didn't take photos of either, but oh well.  That'd be all for today!

And thanks for checking out the blog everyone: it means a lot!