November 02, 2013

Third Year and Its Life Drawing

Life drawing just keeps going!  Although I can't make it to extra life as many times as in first and second year, I still try.  Group film and action analysis are just taking up a lot of time, although it's fun working on them.  Anyway, here are the drawings I submitted for my life drawing portfolio before reading week.  There might be a few extra ones and there are a few I didn't take photos of either, but oh well.  That'd be all for today!

And thanks for checking out the blog everyone: it means a lot!


  1. ohh wow! Looks awesome~ I love the structure and angles of the portraits; mine always feel so flat :P The 2-person one looks so dynamic too! : )

    1. Thanks Bronwyn! I have the same problem all the time too, but for these I may have been a little more patient (or let's be honest; better rested, haha!) while drawing.