October 14, 2013

Villains, Heroes and Bouncy Things

We did another bouncing ball, bowling ball and balloon assignment this year.  This time we used Toon Boom.  One or two of the three had to be done using peg animation.  I used the bowling ball for that one, as peg animation allows for more precise inbetweening on super-slow bits.  I'm rambling.  Here it is!

And my "Heroes and Villains" stuff for life drawing.  The first one was very tricky in the sense of turning human poses into "realistic" animal poses in that flat 3-tone style.  It also turned out way to dark in print-form, so it's much nicer to see it digitally.  I ended up liking the second one more than I thought I would, although I had a looot of trouble with it...  After the thumbnails I ended up re-drawing it more than fifteen times before it started resembling the original sketch.  Ah, good old 3:00 am memories.


  1. Leuke flipperkast Pierre, en je spinnenweb wauw met zoweinig kleuren!!! en een 'treengdmienindebeksmen met een ssuperssoepel posstuur!