July 21, 2014

Graphite Animals Have Returned

Summer is sneakily trickling by and I'm almost starting fourth year... weird.

Here are some more zoo animal drawings for y'all, because... well... we're still doing zoo trips.  I switched over to drawing with a pencil again recently, which feels nice and stuff.

Compiling these is always odd.  I'm moving all the drawings around on the page and I'm never quite happy with their locations.  And then suddenly I'll just stop and upload them, like today :)

July 04, 2014

I Like Rain

Rain usually means the zoo isn't too busy, which is very nice when trying to draw animals.  And you don't get sunburned as easily!  Here's a whole bunch of drawings from the last zoo trips.  All pen drawings :)

And here's a whole bunch of fourth-year film development.  The story with the salamander and the dragonfly is constantly being tweaked, but I'm slowly arriving at something I'm excited to work on.  In the mean-time, I've been doing drawings all over the place to explore the designs of these two characters.  I think I'm getting close to the final design of the salamander, but I'm still figuring things out with the dragonfly, who's (currently) a very jolly character.  Here's a whole bunch of pages:

I've been doing a bunch of Rayman Legends colour studies recently, as that game has some of the most amazingly beautiful paintings and colours I've come across.  Ever!
There's a whole bunch on these original artists' blogs.  They're all awesome, so check 'm out!