July 04, 2014

I Like Rain

Rain usually means the zoo isn't too busy, which is very nice when trying to draw animals.  And you don't get sunburned as easily!  Here's a whole bunch of drawings from the last zoo trips.  All pen drawings :)

And here's a whole bunch of fourth-year film development.  The story with the salamander and the dragonfly is constantly being tweaked, but I'm slowly arriving at something I'm excited to work on.  In the mean-time, I've been doing drawings all over the place to explore the designs of these two characters.  I think I'm getting close to the final design of the salamander, but I'm still figuring things out with the dragonfly, who's (currently) a very jolly character.  Here's a whole bunch of pages:

I've been doing a bunch of Rayman Legends colour studies recently, as that game has some of the most amazingly beautiful paintings and colours I've come across.  Ever!
There's a whole bunch on these original artists' blogs.  They're all awesome, so check 'm out!

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