October 14, 2013

Villains, Heroes and Bouncy Things

We did another bouncing ball, bowling ball and balloon assignment this year.  This time we used Toon Boom.  One or two of the three had to be done using peg animation.  I used the bowling ball for that one, as peg animation allows for more precise inbetweening on super-slow bits.  I'm rambling.  Here it is!

And my "Heroes and Villains" stuff for life drawing.  The first one was very tricky in the sense of turning human poses into "realistic" animal poses in that flat 3-tone style.  It also turned out way to dark in print-form, so it's much nicer to see it digitally.  I ended up liking the second one more than I thought I would, although I had a looot of trouble with it...  After the thumbnails I ended up re-drawing it more than fifteen times before it started resembling the original sketch.  Ah, good old 3:00 am memories.

October 02, 2013

The Ridiculously Magical Third Year

I didn't post all throughout September...  Regardless, everything in this post was done in September, amongst a whole bunch of other things.  We had to design two contrasting characters for 2D class in Toon Boom.  I figured it would be fun to make trees.  Fun it was, and this became the result:

Then our animation teacher challenged us to animate good old bouncing balls.  So I did.

And finally, a little portrait/caricature of myself for a short biography we did for life drawing.  Apparently I have a large chin.  Let's not talk about the ears.

And we're currently working on a bunch of other things, including the highly anticipated third-year film project!  I have a few things for Action Analysis I could upload already too, but maybe I'll wait with that until the whole thing is finished, so I can post it all at once.  Okay, that's all for today!