October 02, 2013

The Ridiculously Magical Third Year

I didn't post all throughout September...  Regardless, everything in this post was done in September, amongst a whole bunch of other things.  We had to design two contrasting characters for 2D class in Toon Boom.  I figured it would be fun to make trees.  Fun it was, and this became the result:

Then our animation teacher challenged us to animate good old bouncing balls.  So I did.

And finally, a little portrait/caricature of myself for a short biography we did for life drawing.  Apparently I have a large chin.  Let's not talk about the ears.

And we're currently working on a bunch of other things, including the highly anticipated third-year film project!  I have a few things for Action Analysis I could upload already too, but maybe I'll wait with that until the whole thing is finished, so I can post it all at once.  Okay, that's all for today!



  1. So glad they decided to make that new Narnia movie after all. I only hope they outdo them selves. So looking forward to it.

    Oh and I got -ta love the ball animation. Its so relaxing to watch. Reminds me of water droplets dancing on hot metallic surfaces.
    I know my kitty would enjoy this if I can show it to him on a tablet if I had one.
    Oh and you should show your characterure to Jay Leno. I'm sure he get a kick out of that even though its a self portrait. ;D

    1. I'm super excited for a new Narnia film, although it might be a while before it comes out. We'll see.

      If ever I meet Jay Leno, I'll show him, haha! Thanks!

  2. oh man, awesome bouncing balls! look forward to your work

    1. Haha, bouncing balls were Friday night fun :P Thanks!