October 27, 2012

Yay, Storyboarding Post!

So I haven't really done any major storyboarding posts in the past, so I figured I'd put these up.  These were our first assignments for 2nd year storyboarding in first semester.  Though far from perfect, I figured I'd upload them, because I still like 'm ;)

First up are character line-ups and story beats for two short nursery rhymes that were given to us at the beginning of the semester.  I had some major scale/perspective issues with the "After the Bath" cockroach, but it ended up being an asset in the final storyboards of that poem.

And here are the final storyboards of the "After the Bath" story.  Quite a few changes were made overall, but I'm happy with the final outcome of the story.  I definitely learned a lot throughout this process.

October 23, 2012

Rats and Shiny Objects

More animations from the animation papers from the animation tables in the animation studio in the animation program at animation animation animation!

I don't know why I did that :P  Yes, animation takes a lot of time, but, if spent well, it's totally worth it!  Here's the second animation assignment of second year (second second second)!  The weight lift and toss took a lot of planning and thinking in order for the object to appear heavy, but I loved animating the character! It's like your own character starting to move and act.  It's still pretty rough, and I didn't even have time to do the extra animation bit at the beginning, so I just kept in the key frames for that part. Hope you like it!

I was going to upload my 3D Maya walk cycle as well, but YouTube made the video all funny looking :|  Hopefully I'll have it up shortly, along with some other, highly necessary updates!

October 09, 2012

Gouachy Gouachy Gouach!

Hellooooooow!!!  So I did another gouache painting!  The first assignment of the school year required us to do a painting in any traditional medium, and since I have come to like gouache over the last year, that's what I stuck with for this project.  So yeah, the project was an exterior study.  I tried implementing eye-direction in this piece, so I hope it worked!  Hope you like it :)

Process work, yay!

October 05, 2012

And Second Year Begins!

So, I haven't updated for a super long time!  It's mainly because of the crazy amount of work that we've been assigned in our second year of animation already.  It's all amazing to do though, so it's definitely worth it.  Anyway, this is one of those posts that contain a lot of different things.  I've got the feeling more of those will be happening this year, as I might not be updating as frequently.  I'll definitely try though.

Okay, first off... Life drawing!  Not too much here yet: I'll save the actual newsprint life drawings for a soon-to-come post, but here are some sketchbook drawings that I did with a brush-pen.  People keep telling me to upload some, so here goes:

Next up is the first character design assignment.  I studied quite a bit of Ratatouille concept work for this (I love that movie!), and it definitely helped me a lot.  I did a whole bunch of short quick sketches before finalizing the design, which was a lot of fun to do.  Gotta give a little thank you to Ricardo for critiquing my action poses and helping me make them stronger.

Our first animation assignment of this year was the wave, boat and floursack cycle.  Doing the wave in 3/4 quarter view was challenging, as a lot of thought needed to go in where every frame of the wave, boat, sack and splash should be in perspective.  I'm not overly fond of the water detail, but I no time to change it.  Oh well; I'm happy with the outcome.


Here are a whole bunch of drawings from our last two zoo trips.  I scanned them on two different scanners, so the colours are a little bit different here and there.  Oh well :)  Free coconut water was handed out at the zoo two weeks ago.  That was when I found out that I don't really like coconut water.

And finally some sketchbook pages from this week!