October 27, 2012

Yay, Storyboarding Post!

So I haven't really done any major storyboarding posts in the past, so I figured I'd put these up.  These were our first assignments for 2nd year storyboarding in first semester.  Though far from perfect, I figured I'd upload them, because I still like 'm ;)

First up are character line-ups and story beats for two short nursery rhymes that were given to us at the beginning of the semester.  I had some major scale/perspective issues with the "After the Bath" cockroach, but it ended up being an asset in the final storyboards of that poem.

And here are the final storyboards of the "After the Bath" story.  Quite a few changes were made overall, but I'm happy with the final outcome of the story.  I definitely learned a lot throughout this process.


  1. Interesting. It would be interesting to see this animated in to a short. :)

    Thanks for sharing.