December 15, 2011

I'm Learning How to Paint!

My final painting assignment for first semester...  Mood landscapes!

I knew that if I wanted to do a good job on this assignment, I had to be painting something I wouldn't quickly loose interest in (and I also didn't want to paint trees).  Sooo, I sat on my bed and flipped through the Kung Fu Panda and How to Train Your Dragon artbooks.  Both (mainly Panda) inspired me to come up with a whole bunch of thumbnails based on their art-styles.  Here's my entire process work for the project, including th final two paintings:
A HUGE thank you to the following people for helping me through the painting process (and the countless amount of fun, late hours spent in the painting room):

Tim Melnyk taught me some amazingly awesome things on how to make my painting better!  Without him, the paintings would not have looked the way they do now.

And there's so many more people who gave me helpful tips and advice:
Alison Chan, Bryce Jones, Jason Lum, Jean Liang, Khoebe MagSaysay, Richy Truong, Johnathan Chan and Doug Tam.
There were plenty more people walking around who helped me as well: I haven't forgotten you: thanks!

Not to forget: my roommies also helped me through the frustating moments of coming up with good thumbnails :P