August 13, 2012

Magical Zoos and Speedy Drives, 8

Sorry for the lack of updates for about two weeks people.  It's been pretty busy lately with going to my parents' place, roommates moving in and out, and working on a painting with a lot of different characters in it.  I'll probably upload that one soon, since it's pretty much done, although the background is still really rough.  We'll see.

Anyway, this update is not from last Saturday, but the one before that (August 4th).  I don't have a lot of drawings for that day, since the majority of said day was spent walking and talking.  Regardless, I got a few nice giraffe drawings, but not much more.  I really have to learn to draw cats better!  Hopefully later this week.

We didn't end up going to the zoo last Saturday, because a few things came up.  We're planning on going again in five days though; yay!  Sorry, looong post!  Here's some older drawings:


  1. Well you know giraffes are fun and apparently useful according to Futurama. The characters in a eps used a giraffe for a ladder and then a glass breaker or something like that. But then that’s just old cartoon fare.
    As usual they’re a great bunch of drawings.

    Anyways yeah most animals have a shape to them. I like to think of those shapes or attitudes when I’m drawing them. Like cows and horses have a square shape to their bodies, ducks, geese and chickens have a pear shape to them and then there’s cats. I like to see them as very much like long curves, rubber bands and or slinkies since they‘re so flexible and stretchy.

    Oh and class is around the corner. I can just feel you’re anticipation I would imagine. Year two is probably going to start to get crazy. ;)

    1. Thanks! Your animal descriptions are pretty much spot on, haha! And yes, cats are like goo; they seem to be able to just melt into any shape they want!

      Super excited for second year! Schedules have been coming around today though, and lots of classmates have been scrambled around different classes. Oh well, always fun to try something new :)