July 22, 2012

Magical Zoos and Speedy Drives, 7

And speedy drives they were!  Not too much traffic on the way back, for once.  But that's probably because we left early yesterday, since I had to go to a BBQ.  This of course meant less drawing time.  Also, my family came to the zoo for a surprise visit, meaning a little more time was spent chatting and hanging out instead of drawing.  Not that it matters: it was fun!  Here are literally all the drawings I did yesterday.  I only did some cutting and pasting to make it fit together a bit better, but other than that, this is it for summer zoo trip number seven.

EDIT - Oh, right, and my parents bought us all ice cream :)


  1. you forgot the ice cream part :))

  2. Oo flamingoes ,ice cream and loved ones.
    Those are usually great combinations.
    Like Sundaes topped with a flamingo.

    1. Haha, now I want a Sundae :) Yeah, flamingoes are fun to draw: they're always doing something special.