July 08, 2012

Magical Sketchbooks and Speedy Stories, 5 / 9

That's right people: two posts in one, because the need to update both of these was, well... high.  Sooo, I've been gone for a while to the U.S., meaning I couldn't go to the zoo that Saturday.  But fear not: I went again yesterday :)  All the animals were sooo happy to see me again!  ...Maybe?  Whatever the case, I hope you like this week's bunch.  Once again with a little colour!

Now, as I mentioned, I also put sketchbook pages in this post, so here you have it!

Ah yeah.  Hands.  I'm just trying to do lots of hand studies this summer, since I need to improve on those, as always.  These are pretty much all referenced.  Mainly Hogarth hands, since they're so cewl!  After having drawn a hand, I'll draw it again in short-form, because that's kind of helpful :)
 Faces and random shenanigans
 Some hyper-quick sketches of my parent's new puppies :)
 Purple studies and other randomness.
Drawing in a car is somewhat hard.
Some of the drawing my friends in the U.S. did.  I told them I would upload 'm :)
 And finally a page of eyes turning into some more chicken-scratch.


  1. Wow a picture buffet. Wonderful as always.
    There's something I was going to eventually which are more hand drawings. They seem to be the most neglected of drawing subjects. Just because I think we sometimes get lazy for the challenge and exercise. ;)

    1. Haha, yes, many pictures this time!
      Hand drawings are neglected very often indeed by many people (myself included), but once you "get" them, man they add sooo much to a drawing!