June 25, 2012


This was the second animation we did for Nancy Beiman's "Acting for Animators" workshop.  This time around we were assigned to animate objects and give them a personality in precisely 112 frames.  The story for this one changed a lot through the course of working on it.  I started of with a candle, a wineglass and an inanimate stick.  The final version is a little different.  It was a challenge to convey emotion without facial features (although they were allowed), but it was fun to see the objects come to life.  I had to work with four levels and a background, so I'm sorry that the video is a bit dark.  Hope you like it!


  1. Nah, you don't need a face or even sound to tell a story. Sometimes all you need is movement. Personally I think there's too much talking in animation these days and not enough animation acting to tell a great story. Not enough thinking for your selves.

    The animation is great and not to mention smooth. :D

    1. Talking as opposed to movement seems to be easier/cheaper to produce, which is why we see so much of it, I think. Television shows nowadays have quick movements and then stationary poses with a lip syncs.

      Thanks for liking it!