May 12, 2012

Second Demo-Reel

So here's the demo-reel that I put together really quickly in one class at the end of second semester. I hope you like it, haha: Christmas-y music with a super weird buzzing sound at some point :s

The thing at the end was from before I did my final painting, but I don't think that comes as much of a surprise.


  1. Wauw Pierre, love it!!!!!!

  2. Love your new Mey Me Monster too

  3. Great demo reel!
    Better then when I was in school but then that animation program was only offered for the first time at that particular school I was in that year so every one there was testing the water so to speak.

    Oh yeah and only some of us came close to having a decent Demo like that and that was at the end of the 3d year. LOL

    I so would love to get back to doing some animation. :)

    1. Thank you! I'm glad you like it!

      And yeah, animating is fun, so do some in your spare time!