May 15, 2012

Narnia Colour Practice

Hey, so I copied this Narnia screenshot, but instead of focusing on finishing the image and making it look pretty, I just tried to analyze the colours and copy those (without zooming in, haha).  The only thing I really blended (juuust a little) was the wave in the background, because... well, without blending it looked very flat.  Anyway, just a practice painting, but I hope you like it :)

And if you still haven't seen Narnia 3, you totally should.


  1. i promise i am going watch it soon ;)

  2. Good. Let me know if you like it!

  3. Lucky to say I have managed to see all three movies. I have thoroughly enjoyed them although I was a bit disappointed that they didn’t use the same sound FX for the gryphon characters like they did for the first movie. Also I have yet to see the whole movie of DT or Narnia 3 . I only saw the last bit.
    I hope none the less to see other parts of the chronicles in movie form. And yes I have all the books and calendar that contains beautiful illustrations as well. Love the books, by the way.

    And oh yeah, great job on your illustration project. Looking forward seeing more of your work. Also its nice to read about other Narnia fans.

    BTW do you know a Trevor Davies at your school possibly teaching animation? I had him as a teacher as number of years ago and I was wondering if he teaches there now.

    1. Thanks! yeah, there have been some redesigns throughout the movies, most notably the third one. But it's neat to see different visions of the stories :)

      I might do some more Narnia fan-art or some simple practice in the future again. I keep on turning back to it, haha!

      And yes, I have heard of Trevor Davies at Sheridan. While I didn't have him as my teacher personally, I think a few of my friends did.

  4. Oh Cool. So he moved back there.
    Or is it possibly the same one though?

    The one I knew was teaching in Windsor for a while.

    The TD I knew looked like the guy from The Red Green show. No hair. ;)

    If you see him say Hi from Tina. :)


    1. Haha, I had to look up the Red Green show guy, and I guess he looks a bit like him, if I'm thinking of the right guy.

      Anyway, if I see him, I'll say hello :)