November 15, 2011

Whalimating the S and C Curve

Rayman Origins comes out today!!!

Aside from that, my next two animations for animation class were both practices for the S and C curve.  The S and C curve is... difficult to explain without images, so I'm not going to try it here :P

I'm happy with the way both of these animations turned out, mostly.  I'm not really satisfied with the candle in the book page flip animation, but since it was extra work, I won't be marked on that anyway.  Also, the book page flip animation is a bit dark, so I apologize for that.

Now here is the marine animal.  Man, did this one give me trouble.  I have restarted this roughly nine times, and ended up going with number eight.  I might do a compilation video of all the different pencil tests I have saved for this one, so stay tuned.  The whale is a beautiful, graceful animal, I realized.  It moves very fluidly, and its size is breathtaking!

Originally the background was much darker, but the animation didn't show up on it very well.  The artwork of this is not mine: it's my teacher's, Michelle.  I just coloured it :)


  1. WHOAAAA DUDE your whale *A* it's so good!

  2. Thanks Sam! The whale took me so long to do, so I'm happy it paid off. Just saw your octopus; looking great as well!