November 29, 2011

Expressive Radios

So for my character design class I was assigned to create a character's face to use for a variety of expressions to draw.

For some reason I choose to draw a radio :|

I learned that drawing a radio with a stretchy face was not an easy task.  Now I am done drawing said radio with a whole bunch of different expressions.  It was fun, but very frustrating.  Getting the face to look right was hard: especially the cassette-tray mouth.  I did, however, learn a few nice things about squash and stretch that will come in handy.  I also digitally inked these, which took me much longer than I expected.  Overall, I can't complain about the outcome of this assignment, but there are a few things that will continue bugging me as I look at these.  I like them though!


  1. Pierre, these are amazing! You really succeeded in bringing an inanimate object to life. :)

  2. Leuk gedaan Pierre,alle expressions roepen een herkenbare emotie op, vooral de antennes vind ik leuk.

  3. Aleeex!!! Thank you! I'm glad you can recognize a living thing in the radio. I think all the stretching really helped with that.

    And thanks mom! Ik bel je nog wel weer binnenkort :)

  4. En ik vinne de stekker t'mooist en dan ut
    snoer... det hejjj goed adoan jong,
    grotn van oen va

  5. Ah, dank oe weh! Bin blijuh daj de stekker ent snoer mooi vin', haha!