November 17, 2011

Royal Animals

They just don't stand still!

Well, here's my animal portfolio for the Royal Winter Fair that we went to exactly one week ago.  Eighteen (good) gestures and six studies is a lot of drawings to do in one day.  I like some of the drawings, while there are a few I simply wish I didn't have to include.  I didn't have much choice though, since we were not allowed to draw from photographs or anything: I had to stick with what I had.

Here are all the drawings.  Let's see if you can pick out my least favourite of them all:

Yes, I strongly dislike that one pig study.  Ugh...  It was interesting to work with different media, but I think I might want to bring some toned paper, when we go to the Toronto Zoo next semester.


  1. aww Pierre im jealous you got to go to the royal! but I really like these bravo! I love seeing you grow as an artist hehe!

  2. Thanks Bailey, I'm glad you enjoy the drawings. You're growing as an artist yourself as well! Usually you don't notice your own growth as much someone else :)

  3. Pierre, wat goed zeg!
    I realy fell in love with your cow 10-20 minutes!!! Just as they always reminds me of the good old days!!