February 26, 2014

"Tiger Forever"

So yeah, this is the post I had originally planned to write at the end of last semester.  Then sometime during the winter break.  Then sometime in January.  And now it's the end of February and I'm finally ready to post my action analysis!  I learned so much from this though, and that is awesome!  Here is the final thing:

Yup, an upshot of a striped tiger sidestepping: no big deal (extreme sarcasm).  I've never done something this hard and I had a lot of difficulty drawing the tiger from this angle.  Part of the reason I went with a tiger was because I wanted to force myself to learn more about feline anatomy, which worked out well.  I had quite a bit of group-film stuff to work on, so the action analysis became kind of a side-project during the last two months.  Whenever I had some free time to work on it I would slowly progress this thing, hence my friends started naming this "Tiger Forever".  Anyway, I have a lot of people to thank for this assignment.  People helped me by explaining how rice paddies work, how to get more appealing poses, how a cat would act, what colours to use, etc. etc.  The list goes on and on.

I did a lot of little character development drawings at the beginning of semester 5, so I put a bunch of them together here:

Then here is the workbook for the layout.  I made quite a few changes in the end, but it was a start.

Concept drawings for the final look of the whole thing:

Then the rough layout.  This one changed quite a bit before ending up with the final version.

The animation itself took the longest.

Originally the tiger was going to be a white tiger, but since the whole thing ended up being an upshot, I figured it was better to show the tiger's belly as a separate colour for readability.  And then suddenly the tiger became orange!  It actually worked nicely with the colour scheme of the background, the final painting of which is here:

I ended up breaking this down into about 50+ levels, meaning After Effects was not too happy with me.  Neither was Photoshop, actually...  Oh well :)