March 08, 2014

New Things Don't Always Work

Our life drawing assignment a couple of weeks ago had us do four character designs based on costume drawings from class.  I wanted to try something different than the usual duo-tone style I often use, so I did a more painterly approach to the whole thing.  I was very much inspired by the awesome work of Corey Loftis, so I tried to work with basic shapes for all of them.  I couldn't really get them to come out the way I imagined it, but there are parts of these that turned out alright.  I did not have too much time to finish the chef, so that one is a bit rougher than the rest of them.  Yeah, sooo... here they are!

And life drawings from before the break.  Some of these were in my portfolio and some of them were not. Yup :)


  1. Love the small sketch of the many poses. Your characters have so much personalities. Great to see!

    1. Thanks so much! It was interesting to try something different :)