January 16, 2014

Faces! And Some More.

Yup, haven't updated in a while!  Still working on the action analysis, but I'm hoping it'll be done ultra-soon.  I figured I could upload some sketchbook drawings.  Most of these are caricatures I drew in the Oakville mall with Josh, Neo and Allen during the last week of the break.  Some of these are actually from an older sketchbook from last semester.  And even less of these are from people on the internet.  But they are there too.  Apparently I find it hard to draw women appealing, more-so than men.  I just realized that as I went through these.  Gotta practice more!

Here's a character I'm currently developing to animate in a lip-synch together with Josh.  We'll see whenever we get some time for that :)  Either way, this character's not quite there yet.  I'm mainly trying out expressions at the moment, as I am currently pretty fascinated with and trying to improve on using simplistic, but still structural mouth shapes.  Tricky, but fun!

And here's a thing from the beginning of... last semester!  I don't know why I didn't upload this before, but I just came across it today.  It was my pitch idea for the 3rd year group film.  It didn't get chosen, but I love what we're working on right now (an idea that came from the brilliant mind of Patricia!).  The main logline of the story was that a salamander realizes his selfishness as he services a heron.  Here be some of the concept sketches I did for the pitch.