December 21, 2013

Pressing a Button

Suddenly semester 5 is over.  Wait, what?!  Where does the time go?  Looking back, this has probably been the busiest semester for me yet.  I had planned on finishing my rough animation for my action analysis by week 12 so that I had two weeks to do clean-up and colouring.  Things happened, and of course I was unable to get even close to finishing the animation by that time.  There was so much stuff due that I could only work on my action analysis until all the other stuff was done, and at that point I was just burned out.  Luckily I've been catching up on sleep again and I'm working on spending a proper amount of time on my "AAA" over the break.  Until then, here's some other assignments!

The Creature Transformation, yay!  I wasn't able to spend too much time on this, but I fixed a few things up before uploading it here.  I was going to make the first panel be the bird zapping the guy, but you can probably tell that I ran out of time :)  Blogger made that green very saturated here: not sure why...

And then my life drawing portfolio for the end of the semester.  Actually, I just realized that I didn't take photos of all the things required for the portfolio (pastel, ink and sculpture), but here's quite a few extra "regular" life drawings.  Lots of short ones, of course, because I like those a lot.  Sadly, there was literally no time left for extra life as I got closer to the end of the semester.  Oh well, this is what I had:

And then a quick, really short 2D animation lip-sync with one of the tree characters I created earlier this semester:

Aaand, that's all for now!


  1. I really like your creature creation design :D the line quality is so nice too... (oh and your redesign of sheridan's logo rocks >D)

    1. Thanks Bronwyn! I was trying to do simple shapes and I guess this is what came of it :)

      Still not a huge fan of Sheridan new logo, as I tend to see it as a regular 'S' and looking to find a logo somewhere, only to realize that the 'S' is the logo. But I'm glad you like my version, haha! Thanks!