June 23, 2013

I Have Not Yet Drawn the Pandas

About time I posted some zoo drawings.  These are compilations of drawings from about three or four different zoo trips.  We went again last Friday, but I haven't scanned those drawings yet.  So it's super-duper busy at the zoo lately.  I guess that's good... for the zoo.  It just makes me more nervous when I'm drawing, haha!

Here you go!
I usually have very little patience to render stuff, so this ^ will probably be rare ;)


  1. Oo nice gator. Love how he gradually fades into the background. Of course if you were making an illustration you could have and animal fade away using that technique to represent going towards extinction. Kind of a sad reality.

    1. Thank you! To be really honest, I just didn't want to render the other alligator :) It's interesting you can see a story behind it though.