July 06, 2013

Animal Overload

So I figured I'd do another animal post.  Here's a whole bunch of pages and some animals from random  pages put together.  All organized by... I don't really know.  Zoo trips on Saturdays seem to be better than Fridays.  Well, today was not as busy anyway, so that was great.  I don't know what else to write for this post.  I'll keep it short.  But that last sentence just made the whole thing a little bit longer.

Cats are so hard to draw!


  1. How can cats be hard? They are a lot like athletic people. But then you never see an athlete cleaning his bottom with his tongue. LOL
    I find cats much more easier to draw if you ask me. Lately my kitty is looking like a lazy human on his back with arms and legs all splayed out in a care free manner. Its really funny. All he needs is a beer in one of his paws. But as soon as I move, he moves. Real bummer cause it would make a nice drawing. Oh well eventually.

    Love the elephant drawings. :)

    1. Teach me more! Haha, I have so much trouble with them! Especially connecting the head. But I have that with a lot of animals.

      Anyway, thanks! I'm surprised the elephants are still at the zoo, since they were supposed to leave last year. I'm not complaining though :)