June 11, 2013

A Swift Update

I haven't posted for over a month and have therefore officially broken my chain of updating this blog at least once a month since starting it.  Blah!  Sorry.

Anyway, the month of May was busy.  Since I was working on something I couldn't really show, I didn't have much stuff to put on the blog.  I worked on a 15 second short film with a bunch of friends for the Taafi festival coming up in July.  Together, Chris, Melody, RicardoSteve and I had a little mini-production throughout the month of May and now I'm finally uploading a few things from it.  Not the finished thing, of course, but a few of the things that I worked on.  I'll post more after the festival has passed :)

Some combined concept stuff I did for the film:

And then I animated/coloured these two (or four, I guess).

It's not a huge update, but I should have more again soon.  Summer is going well.  Zoo-trips just started again, so I'll see if I can scan a few of those drawings when I hook up my scanner again.  I'm also busy doing iAnimate, so maybe I'll post work from that as well at some point.  I hope to update the look of the blog again too sometime this summer, as the current banner is... well, becoming old again for my taste!

And I'm finally reading The Illusion of Life!  Awesome book!


  1. So excited to see the short :D All of the schools worked so hard.

    1. Same! I'm curious to see what the other schools have done.

  2. Good. Looking forward to seeing your short. :)
    As for mine that I made a number of years ago, still trying to find a cheaply priced Adobe Premiere so I can show off mine on YouTube and beyond. Just that I used that to put all the scenes together.

    1. Thanks! I'm looking forward to posting. Let me know when you post yours!