April 28, 2013

I've Never Done a Post This BIG!

Get ready for a whole lot of everything.  I have not updated in a while, because just recently I changed the URL of the blog, got a new email address, yadayadayada.  And since that's all done, I now have a whoooole lot of stuff to upload from the end of the semester (some from earlier on that I never uploaded yet either).  So, enough talk, here's a whole buncha stuff:

Life Drawing: my final portfolio and a few extra creatures, costumes and poses.  I hope to focus more on structure this summer, as I always try to create very gestural poses.  And then once I finally have it (sometimes takes me a few tries), I often never really finish it.  Gotta change that!  Anyway, here's a whole bunch of drawings.  The life drawings are somewhat in order of short to long poses.

The two storyboard assignments for this semester.  One is from a verse from the song 'Cuddles McGish'.  The leica-version of this won't really make sense on its own, so I just uploaded the boards here.  Our group came up with a wonderfully whacky version of the story for this, haha!

Then our final storyboards were television boards.  The characters were from one of our character design assignments earlier this semester, which we used to create a TV episode.  I tried out doing digital boards for this one.  Here's the whole process:

Here are two coloured versions of the boards (one truck, one pan) that were done for painting class.

Our final character design assignment of the semester.  We got to use a character that we designed earlier in second year, and I went with my walk character from first semester. Tried to push the poses, as usual.  Did not have as much trouble drawing this guy as I used to before.  Pose five was tricky though.

Layout!  Here's quite a few of the things we did for layout class this semester.  Some things are rougher than others, so I'll just post the stuff I'm happier with.

And, finally, I painted that final pan from the layout assignment for painting class as well.

I'll just say that it is really (really!) nice to have been able to sleep properly again this week!  Alright, lots of stuff coming up this summer, so I'm sure there will be more updates (zoo trips!!!)


  1. Geez and I thought you were moving to a whole new blog company. Yesh! But non the less as usual you really know how to give me my eye candy with your art work est. ;)

    Can't wait to see some of your panda pics in the future. ;)

    1. I'm excited for the pandas too! Apparently the exhibit will be open on the 18th of May, I believe.