October 25, 2011

The Origins of a Thingamajig

I am so excited for the launch of Rayman Origins next month!  It's been very long since a good Rayman game was released, due to the Ravin' Rabbids franchise introducing a whole bunch of minigames.  Rayman origins goes back to the classic 2D side platforming style and it is completely hand-painted!  Everything looks gorgeous!  And it's multi-player (four players!!!)

Anyway, onto the artwork.  I've been working on this piece for three days now, and I just finished it an hour ago.  I wanted to capture the same style the game has, so that's what I based it all on.

I figured I might as well show my process work for this one again.
 Roughly sketched the whole thing out.

 One of the first pieces I digitally inked: it was a neat learning experience.

 Colouring the characters was fun to do: just stay within the lines.

 All of the characters done and coloured.  Onto the shading part.

 I found that shading without a smooth transition between colours gives a very nice, stylized effect.

 All the shading is done, while I'm still figuring out what to do with the rest of the image.

And WHAM!  There was a background!  Rayman's pupils were evil, haha!

For those of you interested (should be all of you!), here is a cool trailer of the game.
Rayman (Origins), Globox, Teensies and the Lums were created by Michel Ancel and belong to Ubisoft.


  1. Leuk gedaan, je kan ook werkelijk alles tekenen nu, he?!!!!!
    Vooral de achtergrondmuziek is heeeeeeel leuk.
    Spelletje doen?


  2. Realy good work. But i got a question.
    Can i use this picture for my card game?

  3. As long as you credit me (for the artwork, not for the characters), it's okay with me :)

  4. I have "Rayman Origins". It's a great game, but it can get very frustrating.Especially if you're playing in single player mode.
    Did you use Flash to ink and sketch in the drawing?

    Take care

  5. Haha, yeah. Some parts are tricky, but the game itself is soooooow AWESOME!

    I did this entire image in Photoshop, including the sketch.