October 05, 2011


For our painting class we were required to paint three similar paintings indicating some sense of depth.  The first one was meant to be a flat painting done in black and white (achromatic).  The second painting was also done in black and white, but this time gradients (and a possible light source) were added.  The final painting was the same as the second, but with a single colour added (monochromatic).

Painting with gouache takes a bit of getting used to.  Especially blending colours is rather difficult to achieve, I think.  It probably just takes practice :)  Here's my paintings, yay!

And here's the original line-art:


  1. I always found it easier to lay down a bit of water first, then drop the gouache/watercolour into it. That way it blends a bit more smoothly. Definitely loving the way you made the background trees lighter the further in the distance they are.

  2. The water method is really good for blending, but it gives you a more transparent result; for this assignment we were required to paint opaque, so blending colours was a bit more difficult.

    Thanks, again!