March 10, 2012

Moses and the Infamous Meow

Alright. Here it is. The most challenging animation assignment to date: the head rotation. But that is not all, no. There's much more to it. Since they have to be drawn again and again, cartoon characters should be "easy" to animate. Not Moses, from The Prince of Egypt; his face is rather... complex.

I happened to choose to use Moses for my head rotation assignment and I have come to respect the original animators for the original movie even more. Man, that hair is hard to control! Anyway, I don't want to start going on about this too long. I'm sure you realize by now that I had a lot (LOT) of difficulties with this assignment. Here is the finished result: lots of rough animation in there :) And it ends with that amazing "Meow" we were required to use for our lip-sync. :)

The character Moses from The Prince of Egypt belongs to Dreamworks.


  1. Wow, amazing job Pierre, your hard work really payed off!! Now you can get that much needed sleep!

  2. Yayyy you finished! :D
    Looks great!

  3. Meow ....Wauw... Goed man, kan je nu dan eindelijk slapen gaan????
    Of zit er al weereen nieuwe opdracht op je nek.

  4. Thanks everyone!

    I was originally going to animate the "epic wind" part to make it longer, but since I really ran out of time, I looped it instead. I think it looks very cheap, haha! Whatever, it's extra :)