March 31, 2012

Lions Be Walking

The animal walk cycle for Animation class!  This was easier than the head-turn, but still took a significant chunk of time to complete.  Anyway, so I choose to do a lion for my walk cycle (obviously), and now I don't know what else to say.  Oh, right.  I should thank Ricardo for pushing me to do a 3/4 view of the animal walk cycle instead of the required profile view.  It was quite a bit tougher, but I enjoyed it :)

Anyway, I uploaded both the finished walk cycle of the lion and the walk cycle before I added the mane.  I just seem to like the mane-less lion a bit more.  There are a few errors in the mane-less walk cycle that I fixed up for the final walk cycle, but whatever.

Ramble over.


  1. Pieeeeeere this turned out really well :) now I'm too embarrassed to post mine

  2. Crazy with all that perspective!

    I really need to figure out youtube. It's not been letting me upload videos.

  3. Narnia! really cool foreshortening with the paws btw!

  4. Pierre, we're just back home and I was really looking forword to see your work,since we had no internet
    I think you had even more "sleepshortage" than we had. Waw......... you did an awesome job Pierre.

  5. Thanks you guys! I'm very glad to hear that people like it :)

    Melody, I'm sure yours is amazing! Post it, I wanna seeeee!