February 14, 2012

Walk Cycles

Two walk cycles, aw yeah!

So, the first one is the inbetweening assignment we had to do.  We got key frames from the Pink Panther and we simply drew the inbetween frames for it.  However, the key frames had quite a few issues with it that I tried to change, such as the hand not dragging, no easing in and out, weird shoulder issues, and a few more.  Anyway, I tried to fix them, but the walk itself is still rather simplistic.  Oh well, it was a good exercise.  Here it is:

We're the first year to be allowed to create our own original character and create a walk cycle for it.  I ended up designing a flamingo and making it super snobby.  I tried animating it, and I had a lot of fun doing it!

If only I had more time...
I had all my keys finished and I pencil-tested it.  I liked it, but there were a few minor issues I still wanted to address, such as easing in and out, smaller, quicker steps, etc.  However, as I said, I didn't have time to restart so I just continued with this one since I was still happy with it.  I ended up finishing it in a super-rough stage, which was fine.  I really had A LOT of fun rolling (or learning how to roll) the paper with this assingment, and I hope to continue doing that!  Here you go: it's a flamingo!*

*Unintentional Rhyme


  1. WHAAAAATTT THAT IS AWESOME!! can I just... borrow your talents for a second... D:

  2. nice pierre (bx xzz xdxx hc xdz)this is from Julian...

  3. Thanks Sam! The only talent I have is being able to crumple up animation paper. That, and eating noodles while doing so. If you still want to borrow some talent, let me know :)

    Julian! Thanks for your comment! Ome Pierre is druk bezig op papiertjes te tekenen!

  4. Can I order those talents in a combo with your animation talent? :DD