January 01, 2012

Bridgman and... No, Just Bridgman

I haven't updated my blog for about two weeks now.  It's high time I did, because I've still been doing stuff!  First of all: Happy New Year!  2012 is going to be filled with lots homework, studies and movies I am anticipating, haha!

So what have I been up to for the winter break?  Well, since I heard several people talk about it, I have been planning on copying the Bridgman book during the holidays.  I have been and am still doing just that.  It's quite a task, and I won't lie that it's rather difficult to keep myself motivated at times.  My parents keep encouraging me to keep on going though.  I'm well on my way, and if I keep on going I hope to be finished by the time the break is over.  Some of the drawings turn out better than others, but as long as I'm picking up things, I'm happy.

But am I really improving?  I wish I could do extra life drawing at night, so I could apply the things I'm learning right away before I forget them again.  Before then, I'm not quite sure if I'm making any significant changes or not.  I'm sure I'm picking up important bits of information, but the single thing that I'm getting out of this mostly is that I have to think very structurally.  I am starting to understand why Thurman stresses the importance of structure the most.  Here's a few of the many, many pages I've been copying so far.  As you can see, I rotate my paper quite often :)

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