June 11, 2016

Ember Process 5

It's been a year today since I released Ember online.  And also 11 years since I moved to Canada.  Time flies!

I put together one more Ember process post.  It's a "multi-video video" this time, each showing different stages of the film as it went through production.

Top left: Storyboarding.  I boarded a large chunk of the film before starting the school year.  Lots of little timing tweaks happened during the first couple of weeks.  I planned on animating to the music, so more small changes in timing were made once Denny finished his awesome track!

Top right: Compositing.  I spent a lot of time on the compositing, and that video more or less shows how I went about it.  Lots (looooots) of problem solving in this stage.

Bottom left: Animation!  Those are pretty much all the pencil tests for the film.  I timed the whole film out on X-sheets to figure out the exact timing of the music and the actions that the characters needed to perform and then used TVPaint for all the actual animation.

Bottom right: The final film.  Not much else I can come up with for a description here.

So that's it for the "official" Ember process posts.  I still have plenty of random things from the film lying around, but I'll probably just randomly upload those to my Tumblr sometime, maybe :)

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