December 11, 2015

Ember Process 1

I've been meaning to make these (upcoming) posts for a while now.  I have finally started compiling things together for uploading.  Here's the first of multiple posts in which I put together a whole bunch of (pre-) production work from my fourth year film project at Sheridan.

Let's start with the concept art and pitch package.  This is well over a year old now.  It was basically the thing I put together to pitch the idea to my mentor group.  It has some very early versions of Dart and Juffer's designs.  Originally Dart was a bit older and more serious than what he ended up being.

Here's a preliminary colour concept of the main environment.  Many people said it looked a little bit too ominous, so the final colours became a bit more saturated and leaned a bit more towards a warmer yellow/green hue.

Here's the finalized colour script of the whole film.  There's something really fun about throwing solid colours down with a hard round brush on one layer.  It makes you work with less detail and gets you to focus more on the overall colour scheme.

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