March 25, 2013

The Badger Speaks!

This animation is incomplete...  But yes, I'm planning on finishing it still.  This animation is for our muzzle-sync assignment.  I choose an audio-clip (from Night at the Museum) that had two characters speaking, because I wanted my muzzle and beak characters to interact.

Yes, I'm animating my beak for this too!  His poses are (ultra) roughly blocked in, just as a reference for the eye-level of the badger.  The background is also very... unresolved :P  But anyway, here's the animation for now.  Most of the badger stuff is done, but some of it is still rough.  Have a looksy:


  1. Interesting. for some reason I thought the badger was a Mr. Seeing it talk like a female its a bit weird. It does make sense that you chose that piece of dialogue since some of the characters don't move there for are merely just a statue or prop for the other speaking character. Oh and nice you established your siggy and logo of your company. You should make or have someone turn that in to a vector like I did. Eventually I like to make one of those “studio names” thing ( I forgot the exact name for that) at the either the beginning or the end of a animated clip as I’m sure you will eventually. I already have sound bites for that that is if its still good providing the old child hood ambiance I saved on tape of me and my neighbours is still playable. It is pretty much 20 years old after all. Gosh I miss those days.

    1. Yeah, the badger was supposed to be a guy, but I couldn't find a good dialogue clip of that with a butler-y type character that I wanted for the peacock (except for Simba and Zazu convos, which I wanted to avoid for being the obvious examples). Came across this clip, and didn't mind it, so the badger became a woman :)