November 19, 2012

More Rats!

Yes, I have even more rats to show you guys!  Basically I did this painting of a sewer.  And what do you find in sewers?  Hmm, lizards, crocodiles, bats?

No.  Rats.

Figured I hadn't done enough of those yet lately, so here are some more.  The painting assignment, by the way, was to paint an interior.  So I went with a sewer after lots and lots of scribbly thumbnails.  I painted it with gouache, again, because I love the way gouache looks in the end (although oil paint probably has my favourite finished look).  Hope you like it!

I'll try to stay away from rats for a while :)


  1. So much rough work...leading up to such a fantastic piece! Excellent lighting, especially considering this is all traditional. : )

    1. Thanks! Yeah, I find rough preliminary work to be really helpful with painting. Well, with everything, really :)

  2. Nice piece of work Pierre..

    (I will ALWAYS stay away from RATS as you know..)