September 01, 2012

Magical Zoos and Speedy Drives, 9

So, this was the last zoo trip for the summer, and therefore this will also be the last animal post.  It will probably also be my last post of the summer before school starts again (Tuesday), so expect lots of schoolwork again from then on.

As for the zoo trips, I hope to go to the zoo lots of times throughout the schoolyear still, because my skill-level is not even close to where I hope to be.  However many times we'll be going, I don't know: It all depends on the schedule, homework, etc.  I do hope to go as often as possible, so, who knows, maybe we can keep up the summer pace :)  I probably won't be posting zoo drawings after every trip anymore, but I'll do compilations every now and then.  Until then, have some of today's drawings: not my greatest drawings ever (that tiger...), but critiques are always welcome.

School in three days... YAY!!!


  1. I hate productive people like you!

    1. Productive? You're funny, Taha! But thanks :)

  2. All the animals are gorgeous. Got to love the addition of colour. Its so much fun and it gives some sort of life to the animals.

    Nice tiger but just wondering? Was the tiger on a little hill or something? Or was he lounging around the water hole? His tail looks wet.

    I also recently drew a few drawing of my tiger characters which are featured on my creative blog. I have had him as a mascot for years.

    1. Thanks. Colour is indeed fun to do :)

      The tiger was just laying there in a... Yeah, I don't know what it's called. I'll blame the wet-looking tail on poor draftsmanship :) Wasn't a huge fan of how it turned out, but I spent some time colouring it, so I figured it was worth the upload.

      It did, however, inspire me to actually study cat anatomy, which is what I've been doing this week. It was actually really helpful.

      I'll check the stuff out on your blog too :)

  3. Thanks for visiting my blog.

    Anyways the tail is no biggy. I just thought maybe it was wet or something. Tigers love their water and watering holes.

    What matters is to not worry about any flaws you think or or any one things of, is when you gain your experience and have fun playing/drawing.

    Playing makes it all better/easier and makes for faster experience gaining. ;)