August 17, 2011

Sketchbook Stories, 4

Faces and Force.  Those are my main focuses as of right now.  After all the faces I've drawn, I am nearly forgetting on how to draw realistically, but I don't want style to take over.  I was inspired to start practicing hair because of this post by Darik, a soon2be co-animation student.  I seriously can't wait for life drawing to kick off again.  I'm almost done reading Michael D. Matessi's Force, and I simply can't wait to do some practice.  Posemaniacs is the place to be!

Of course, I'm still practicing hands as well, but I was unable to keep that one sketchbook dedicated just for that.  I also seem to have some odd proportion issues lately, so I'm still working on getting those out of the way too.

Enough text.  Here is three pages:


  1. Looooove the force drawings. The strength in the lines is fab.

  2. Thank you! The strongest drawings tend to have lines you don't need to draw more than once.

  3. Hey Pierre,i didn't know you had a blog! i like your sketches they look good. i cant wait to see what you do next!

    oh! follow me and ill follow you kk? :p
    Oh BTW its Kate from VCA ;)

  4. Thanks Kate! I'm excited for the upcoming year myself.

    Sure, I'll follow your blog.