July 08, 2011

Digital Sketching

I decided to give the sketching software that came with my tablet another try.  I got both Corel Painter Sketch Pad and Autodesk Sketchbook Express.  When I opened Sketch Pad it allowed me to continue working on the image I left off with the last time I used the program roughly 1.5 years ago:
 Uugh... It's so bad!  Look at that anatomy!  FAIL.

... Anyway, I decided to try sketching a new image on a new page, and it proved to be quite an interesting experience:
I don't really know what this is.

Now that I actually know how to sketch, I had a lot of fun trying out different drawing tools within the program.  For some reason the program created horizontal lines on the image every now and then.  I don't know why, but I don't really care either.  Anyway, I'm going to continue sketching in the program for a bit, and I'll probably post some more stuff later.  I'll also fool around with Sketchbook Express a little just to see which program I prefer.

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