May 29, 2011

Trying Digital Painting

I can't deny that my painting skills have gotten a lot better over the last year at Sheridan.  I took bigger risks with the paintbrush, and I starting seeing results right away.  Contrast is the big thing you always have to look out for.  I remember my first year Art Fundies teacher telling me that.  Sadly, I didn't grasp the statement until about a year later.  I miss her, although I still see her around the school every now and then. ;)

But this post isn't about my school experiences.  It's about digital painting.  I am currently starting to practice digital painting.  The fundamentals of traditional painting still very much apply here, so I'm glad to have a starting grip on it.  Digital painting is still a separate skill that needs to be practiced, however.  Here's four paintings that were all done from reference pictures I found using Google.  The first three images you see here were quick paintings that I didn't put much detail and time into.  I just completed the fourth painting.  I did put a little bit more effort into that one, as I learned some techniques from the previous three that I excitingly wanted to apply.  I'm rambling, here you go:

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